The 5 year Integrated M.Tech programme in Mathematics and Computing is a unique course offered by Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi. In modern day industries, the role of mathematical tools and analysis has proved indispensable. The programme emphasizes on understanding the role of mathematics in designing and developing effective solutions for a wide range of complex industrial and scientific problems.

The curriculum has been designed as a unique blend of industrial application oriented courses and pure mathematical concepts oriented courses to develop a holistic problem solving approach.

The range of study areas offered during the programme includes optimization, probability and stochastic processes, statistics, financial mathematics, pure mathematics, numerical analysis, differential equations, algorithms and programming, systems engineering, software engineering.

Owing to the ingenuity in the design of the course curriculum, competent faculty, state of the art facilities and the rigorous IIT grooming, the students have proved themselves as successful professionals in finance, quantitative research, operations research, analytics, IT and mathematical modeling.

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